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as at last event on Mon 21 Apr 2014
After 13 years of freely given effort, it is with great regret that 6prog stopped providing IOF with an athlete ranking system on 31st December 2013.

IOF Council have made changes to the scheme that removes any statistical basis from the leading rankings. Instead, it will become a list of athletes who have stood on the podium at WOC and World Cup events.

6prog do not wish to be involved with a scheme unless it ranks athletes by their relative performance at all elite events.

6prog have taken the decision to make sure there is continuity in this important resource, and using the 2013 specification, this site will continue.

But it will not remain forever static. For example, there will be changes introduced to help non-European athletes gain a ranking, and the calculations will be improved to make more recent results more important in assessing an athlete's form. Approval by IOF for both these changes have been requested for many years by 6prog, but not given.

For the time being the site has a very similar format to the IOF site prior to 1st Jan 2014, but it is not in any way associated with IOF other than it carries results of events sanctioned by IOF.
Top 25 Men
1eq5583Daniel HubmannSUI
2eq5536Thierry GueorgiouFRA
3eq5482Matthias KyburzSUI
4eq5455Gustav BergmanSWE
5eq5391Martin HubmannSUI
6eq5359Olav LundanesNOR
7up5338Fabian HertnerSUI
8up5308Matthias MerzSUI
9dn5297Oleksandr KratovUKR
=10eq5283Øystein Kvaal ØsterbøNOR
=10eq5283Jonas LeanderssonSWE
12eq5268Rasmus Thrane HansenDEN
13eq5263William LindSWE
14eq5246Andreas KyburzSUI
15eq5239Jerker LysellSWE
16eq5236Carl Waaler KaasNOR
17up5217Edgars BertuksLAT
18up5215Valentin NovikovRUS
19up5196Peter ÖbergSWE
20up5194Dmitriy TsvetkovRUS
=21up5191Florian HowaldSUI
=21up5191Leonid NovikovRUS
23dn5188Mårten B. BoströmFIN
=24up5179Lucas BassetFRA
=24up5179Yannick MichielsBEL
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Top 25 Women
1eq5684Simone NiggliSUI
2eq5641Tove AlexanderssonSWE
3eq5436Annika BillstamSWE
4eq5414Anne Margrethe Hausken NordbergNOR
=5eq5399Minna KauppiFIN
=5up5399Judith WyderSUI
7eq5340Nadiya VolynskaUKR
=8up5329Mari FastingNOR
=8eq5329Emma KlingenbergDEN
10up5278Lena EliassonSWE
11dn5275Ida BobachDEN
12up5269Tatyana RiabkinaRUS
13up5257Maja AlmDEN
14up5239Signe SøesDEN
15dn5238Lina StrandSWE
16up5213Helena JanssonSWE
17dn5203Merja RantanenFIN
18dn5184Venla NiemiFIN
19dn5181Sabine HauswirthSUI
20dn5174Dana BrožkováCZE
21dn5163Maria MagnussonSWE
=22up5131Lilian ForsgrenSWE
=22dn5131Catherine TaylorGBR
=24dn5129Sarina JenzerSUI
=24dn5129Sara LüscherSUI
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Tue 22 Apr
Added results for AUS 19/04, ESP 19/04, ESP 20/04, GBR 19/04, GBR 20/04, LAT 19/04, NZL 19/04, NZL 20/04, SWE 20/04, BUL 21/04.

Tue 15 Apr
Added results for POR 15/04.

Mon 14 Apr
Added results for POR 14/04.
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